sustainability management

We promote the development of a sustainable society

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability as a megatrend at the top of the agenda is not news to most business leaders. However, nobody could have predicted that 2019 (thanks in part to a young Swedish climate activist) would be characterized by such a strong focus on sustainability – not only among individuals but also among companies, politicians and governments.

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Business ethics

Business ethics

Group-wide guidelines

Everyone at Bisnode adheres to the highest standards of business ethics. This applies to employees, consultants and outsourcing partners as well as to management, executives and the board of directors.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy against all forms of corruption and actively work to ensure that corruption does not occur within the company.
  • Bisnode has no political affiliations and company funds are not used to support political campaigns or for any other political purpose.
  • Bisnode complies with antitrust and competition legislation on the markets in which we operate.

Our business ethics principles 



Long-term and proactive

Bisnode always aims to deliver sustainably high and stable returns, but never at the expense of the environment. Our environmental management initiatives will be proactive and innovative and we will be a role model for our clients, suppliers and partners.
We will contribute to a sustainable society in which we consider both current needs and the needs of future generations.

  • We comply with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances in our environmental work.
  • Our environmental targets are measured and continuously monitored.
  • Environmental work is an integral part of our daily operations.

Our environmental initiatives 

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Clear requirements in a number of areas

Bisnode expects all suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and to work proactively and systematically to ensure that it is also enforced by all of our suppliers' subcontractors. Bisnode's Code of Conduct sets forth the minimum requirements for business ethics, environmental impact, working conditions, human rights and health and safety.

  • The Code of Conduct is included in all major contracts.
  • We require our suppliers to comply with laws and regulations.
  • Our suppliers must support and respect human rights.

Our Code of Conduct 

Work environment

Work environment

Our employees are the key to the future

We aim to be an attractive employer and we work continuously to develop and retain qualified and motivated employees. Without exception, activities within our organization are conducted in a positive and professional work environment that promotes employee health and safety.

  • We do not tolerate any form of victimization or harassment, regardless of the background.
  • We apply equal pay and other terms for equal skills and work.
  • Our work environment initiatives comprise both the physical and the psychosocial environments. 

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